Dota 2


Dota 2 is the latest chance for gamers to peek into the fascinating world of copyright law.  Defense of the Ancients is a community created modification for the 9 year old Warcraft III.  The mod was created in the editor that Blizzard released with Warcraft III and went through different revisions under different creators.  Some of the individuals involved with the creation or maintenance of the mod have since gone off and formed their own companies that recreate the mod with different graphics and characters under different names.  Valve decided to get involved in the D.O.T.A. clone game by making “Dota 2” but Blizzard decided to sue them.  It’s all very fascinating.

In addition to being a lawsuit simulator Dota 2 is also a game.   

Players are grouped into teams of five.  They choose a character from a large list with varying powers and attributes then try to destroy the other teams “Ancient Fortress”, obviously not the same thing as the “Ancient” from Defense of the Ancients.  There are 3 paths to each teams base defended by turrets, and each team sends out waves of cannon fodder down each lane.  The player characters gain experience and gold from killing the grunts and the opposing teams characters, then level up get new abilities and buy stuff.

The largest obstacle for new players entering these types of games is the other players, and Dota 2 is not an exception.  

 If you are playing your first few games or trying to play as a character that has not been used before your teammates will make it a bad experience.  It does not matter if you are playing a practice game versus bots either.  So even though the game itself is pretty fun your teammates will make you want to drink.

Dota 2 involves a lot of very detailed management of your character.  Since you are going to be busy micro managing your character you will not have a lot of time to drink or prepare your beverage.  You do get a few moments while recovering health or during the downtime if god forbid you die.  Since you are so time constrained a shooter would be a pretty good choice.  And your teammates will make you hate yourself  so dig out that bottle of tequila and get ready to make some tequila slammers.

The tequila slammer is a fairly easy drink to make and then polish off quickly.  It is well suited for Dota 2 since it’s easy to mix at your desk.  You can use any variety of citrus soda or even ginger ale in this recipe; Mt. Dew, Squirt, 7-Up, etc.  After exhaustive testing I recommend 7-up for Dota 2 as the caffeine in the Mountain Dew might cause your mouse hand to shake leading to teammate rage.  For safety reasons I would not use a shot glass for Dota 2 tequila slammers since you don’t want to break it and injure your essential fingers.



  • 1 oz tequila
  • 1 oz soda



Pour your soda and tequila in your glass trying not to agitate the soda to keep it from fizzing up.  Cover the glass with your hand, a napkin or a plastic playing card and slam it on the table then drink quickly.  If you don’t drink it immediately after slamming it the soda will fizz over and ruin your mousepad.