Puzzle Agent 2


Puzzle Agent 2 launches the player back into a world filled with puzzles and ABC gum as far as the eye can see.   Agent Nelson Tethers is back solving puzzles, but this time it’s all in his free time.  That’s right.  This is one strange puzzle crazy man who has ventured back to Scoggins, Minnesota to solve all that was left unsolved last time he ventured here. Continue reading

Dota 2


Dota 2 is the latest chance for gamers to peek into the fascinating world of copyright law.  Defense of the Ancients is a community created modification for the 9 year old Warcraft III.  The mod was created in the editor that Blizzard released with Warcraft III and went through different revisions under different creators.  Some of the individuals involved with the creation or maintenance of the mod have since gone off and formed their own companies that recreate the mod with different graphics and characters under different names.  Valve decided to get involved in the D.O.T.A. clone game by making “Dota 2” but Blizzard decided to sue them.  It’s all very fascinating.

In addition to being a lawsuit simulator Dota 2 is also a game.   

Players are grouped into teams of five.  They choose a character from a large list with varying powers and attributes then try to destroy the other teams “Ancient Fortress”, obviously not the same thing as the “Ancient” from Defense of the Ancients.   Continue reading



Sit right down and let me tell you a story about a guy and his experiences drinking his way through a new video game.  The guy is just a regular fellow who plays games and drinks.  He has no involved backstory, his is not an epic tale of growth and redemption.  Just a dude who works up a mighty thirst trying to rebuild his gaming backlog.  The game and the drink though….well that’s where it gets more interesting.

The story starts when the guy bought a game called Bastion

from a place called Steam during a thing called the Great Gift Pile.  He played for a bit to help some folks out but then put it on the back burner.   Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever


Duke Nukem Forever is a game that is famous not for being a good game but for not actually coming out.  For anyone that is unfamiliar with it’s history it was announced over fifteen years before it was actually released.  During those fifteen years it became a long running joke and won numerous awards for being a legendary piece of vaporware.  After ruining a studio and changing developers it was finally released last year to poor reviews.  During Steams annual holiday sale I thought it might be worth at least five bucks and a few drinks so I picked it up.  Thanks a lot Gaben.

During the long development time this game went through a lot of things have changed in the first person shooter world.  

Games now have more developed stories, some games have “new” mechanics like cover systems and role playing elements while the gamers that played Duke Nukem 3d have grown up. Continue reading