Puzzle Agent 2


Puzzle Agent 2 launches the player back into a world filled with puzzles and ABC gum as far as the eye can see.   Agent Nelson Tethers is back solving puzzles, but this time it’s all in his free time.  That’s right.  This is one strange puzzle crazy man who has ventured back to Scoggins, Minnesota to solve all that was left unsolved last time he ventured here.

Agent Tethers meets some new characters on his road to puzzle masterdom like the sexy Korka Tetirdottir along with the same old classic characters like Sheriff Bahg and the Hidden People.  Did I say Hidden People?  I meant The Brotherhood, of course.  The concept isn’t much different from the original Puzzle Agent.  Agent Tethers travels around Scoggins,MN on his snowmobile, attempting to solve puzzles on the first try to save taxpayer’s money.

The gameplay after about an hour into the game gets a little repetitive as the puzzles are recycled.  However, it’s a nice getaway if you’re looking to waste an afternoon as it is charming and not extremely difficult.  You don’t even need to have played the first Puzzle Agent to get the story behind Puzzle Agent 2!  Everything is nicely laid out and you get filled in on the backstory as the game progresses.

As some of the puzzles were very easy I felt I needed to handicap myself to level the playing field.  Luckily I had thought ahead before playing the game to start developing a Bubblegum Cocktail.  You need at least a day to infuse the vodka but I let my double bubble and Sobieski go for about a week.  For the cocktail you will need:


  • 2oz Bubblegum Vodka
  • 1oz Maraschino Liquor
  • 3 dashes of Jamaican Bitters
  • Splash of Pink Lemonade
  • Bubblegum garnish (optional)


Combine all ingredients (excluding the garnish), stir, and enjoy!  Fortunately for me, this drink was enough to make even the simplest puzzle challenging.  It was super girly to boot and paired with the game nicely.  I was able to slowly get hammered and make me forget that I had played the same puzzle ten minutes ago.