Sit right down and let me tell you a story about a guy and his experiences drinking his way through a new video game.  The guy is just a regular fellow who plays games and drinks.  He has no involved backstory, his is not an epic tale of growth and redemption.  Just a dude who works up a mighty thirst trying to rebuild his gaming backlog.  The game and the drink though….well that’s where it gets more interesting.

The story starts when the guy bought a game called Bastion

from a place called Steam during a thing called the Great Gift Pile.  He played for a bit to help some folks out but then put it on the back burner.   Continue reading


Terraria is a hard game to describe. It shares some elements with Minecraft but where Minecraft is a building tool with a bit of a game thrown in Terraria is a game with a bit of a building tool thrown in. It is a side scrolling platform adventure role playing city builder. So what sets it apart from all those other SSPARPCB games and how does that help us find the right drink?

The 2 main areas of this game are crafting and adventuring.

While adventuring your character will explore a variety of biomes. These biomes for the most part consist of fairly unpleasant conditions although there are some nice relaxing floating islands. From jungles with jungle bats, jungle grass and jungle slimes to hell with hellstones, hellforges and hellbats your adventurer will dig in every kind of environment imaginable. All while in the dark.

Crafting is what sets this game apart from Dig Dug or Ghosts and Goblins. Every tree that is chopped down will yield wood for building torches. Continue reading

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Uncharted 3 Drink

Looking for an Uncharted 3 Drink?  Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is surprisingly enough the third game in the Uncharted series for the Playstation 3.  Although there is a hefty multiplayer component to this game it is still primary a story driven adventure game.  Since this is the third Uncharted game there are not a lot of surprises about the gameplay but Naughty Dog did utilize the power of the cell processor to add more spiders than ever.  They did not add the ability to easily capture screenshots.

In Uncharted 3 you will spend a lot of time traveling around the world looking for history and punching dudes.  You will also solve puzzles and shoot a lot of jerks.  And for some reason even though this game is set in modern times there are ancient artifacts just lying around for you to collect.  Who knew that the best place to find priceless treasures is in a crowded market just sitting on the ground? Continue reading