Terraria is a hard game to describe. It shares some elements with Minecraft but where Minecraft is a building tool with a bit of a game thrown in Terraria is a game with a bit of a building tool thrown in. It is a side scrolling platform adventure role playing city builder. So what sets it apart from all those other SSPARPCB games and how does that help us find the right drink?

The 2 main areas of this game are crafting and adventuring.

While adventuring your character will explore a variety of biomes. These biomes for the most part consist of fairly unpleasant conditions although there are some nice relaxing floating islands. From jungles with jungle bats, jungle grass and jungle slimes to hell with hellstones, hellforges and hellbats your adventurer will dig in every kind of environment imaginable. All while in the dark.

Crafting is what sets this game apart from Dig Dug or Ghosts and Goblins. Every tree that is chopped down will yield wood for building torches. Every shark that is killed will yield fins to build a shark cannon. Every block of hellstone that is mined will contribute to flaming armor. Ostensibly you should build a city to protect the citizens from zombies and the terrors of the night. Since they just respawn every day I don’t really see the point in getting carried away. However you can build a keg then get ale from it and any game that lets you live out your homebrewing dreams is A-OK.

Since there is a lot of digging in hot places the perfect drink will be cooling and refreshing. Constant contact with a bunch of slimes while in jungles will probably not help the immune system so something that boosts resistance to some diseases would be a plus. It’s always dark so something that functions as a light source would be ideal. You could drink an IPA and have a good time, but the perfect drink is going to be a Gin & Tonic.

The Recipe

The Gin and Tonic is an easy to make drink and it is still one of the most popular cocktails around. It was first concocted in colonial times in tropic British territories where it was used to combat the heat of the day.  Tonic water also contains quinine which was used to fight Malaria until World War II.  It also glows under a blacklight.

There is no real set ratio of ingredients in the Gin & Tonic…some bars drown the gin in the tonic water but a 1:1 ratio is best.  If you don’t want to taste the Gin why have a gin and tonic?


  • 2 oz Gin
  • 2 oz Tonic Water
  • 1 Lime Wedge
  • Ice



Place your ice in a highball glass then pour in the Gin.  Follow this with your Tonic Water.  You can squeeze a bit of lime juice in if you would like.  Gently stir then garnish with the lime wedge.  Now you are ready to beat the tropical heat in style.